A Cup of Cofee

You must understand that women expect to be approached and hit on when they go out to a club or a bar. They don’t expect it when they go to a coffee shop, walking down the street, or entering a boutique. That can be a good thing for you, if you do the right things and don’t come off like a would-be pick-up artist.

Noticing a large collection of liquors and the ever-present Heineken taps behind the bar, I figured this to be the perfect place to do my latest research update. Jochen said that yes indeed over the next couple years coffee shops will have to decide to serve one product or the other. He said that many places would try to subdivide their locations and offer theoretically separate establishments that would allow you to bring refreshments from one side to the other. If not feasible, and an owner had to choose, it was unanimous that the herbal means of commerce would prevail among most of the current establishments.

To venture a little out of the way from Macungie (but just a couple minutes) you could try Perk on Main, on Main Street in an Emmaus. It’s just a hop, skip, and jump from Macungie and the service is excellent. The lattes are yummy, and they have the coolest coffee shirts. My favorite says, “Coffee, chocolate, men. Some things are just better rich.” I wear that shirt a lot!

Strasbourg Cafés experience