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Jochen said that to give up the ability to sell drugs was not something most proprietors would do because it was much more lucrative than selling alcohol. So far as he knew, no new licenses were being issued to establishments that wanted to sell drugs. On the other hand, almost anyone can get a license to sell alcohol and the competition among alcohol-only establishments was overwhelming. Even with the lessening of penalties in Germany, France, England and other countries, which is construed as potential competition and could eventually keep visitors to Amsterdam in Dens of Iniquity in their own countries, owners feel that the weed business will remain strong.

What’s next for this passionate framer and art lover? At first, she thought she’d sell off all the framing equipment and supplies, but now she’s not so sure.

For this reason, steer the conversation back in his direction whenever you can. Let your ex talk about what he’s been doing. Then, when the date ends, he’ll realize he never really asked you half the things he wanted to. and will immediately need to see you again.

That night during my usual routine of checking my emails I saw an ad for an online dating website geared towards meeting people over 50. So, I decided to take a chance. I filled out a questionnaire that they had and was honestly expecting something totally different.

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